Prices listed are as of fall 2015 and are subject to change throughout the year if unforeseen fluctuations in feed costs, butchering charges, etc.  You are welcome to modify your order at any time.

Broad-Breasted White $3.95/lb.
Smoked Broad-Breasted White $5.25/lb.
Heritage (Bourbon Red) $9.00/lb.

Ground turkey $11.75/lb.
Turkey Parts: 
    Breasts $7.50/lb.
    Thighs $4.25/lb.
    Legs $4.00/lb.

    Smoked Legs $5.95/lb.
    Wings $3.75/lb.

Whole $4.25/lb.
Cut-up $4.55/lb.
Grilling chicken $4.50/lb.
Half chicken $4.55/lb.
"Bronze Ranger" whole $5.00/lb.
"Bronze Ranger" cut up $5.25/lb.
Smoked whole chicken $6.50/lb.
Smoked half chicken $6.75/lb.
Breasts:  Bone in $9.75/lb., boneless $13.95/lb.
Leg/thigh combination $3.75/lb.
Wings $6.00/lb.
Hearts and livers $4.00/lb.
Bones/backs/cages $1.75/lb.
Feet $7.00/lb. (only available in late fall/winter)

Whole/half hog $3.75/lb. (available in late winter; taking orders now)
25-lb. pork box $185.00
(SOLD OUT for season)
Chops (bone in) $10.75/lb.
Butterfly chops $13.00/lb.
Steaks $8.75/lb.
Bacon $10.50/lb.
Side Pork $10.00/lb. (not currently available)
Tenderloin $21.00/lb.
Boneless loin roast $12.00/lb.
Shoulder roast $8.75/lb.
Boston butt roast $9.50/lb.
Spare ribs $4.25/lb.
Baby back ribs $9.50/lb.
Country ribs $9.25/lb.
Brats $7.00/lb.
Cheddar brats $8.25/lb.
Brat patties $7.00/lb.
Maple breakfast sausage links $8.00/lb.
Savory breakfast sausage links $7.75/lb.
Ground pork $4.95/lb.
Italian seasoned ground pork $5.90/lb.
Deli ham $9.75/lb. 
Ham steaks $7.25/lb. (not currently available)
Half ham (7-9#) $6.00/lb. (not currently available)
Lard $3.00/lb.
(quantity discount: $2.50/lb. for orders over 5#; $2.00/lb. for orders over 25#)
Cheeks $18.00/lb.
Fresh hocks $4.25/lb. (available in winter)
Smoked hocks $5.25/lb. (available in winter) 

25-lb. beef box $250.00 
(available in December; taking orders now)
1 lb. ground beef $7.75/lb. 
10# ground beef $72.50/ten 1# pkgs.
(SOLD OUT for season)
Ground beef patties $8.75/lb.
Tenderloin $30.00/lb.
NY strip steak $16.75/lb.
Ribeye steak $21.00/lb.
Sirloin steak $14.00/lb.
Sirloin roast $10.75/lb.
Rolled rump roast $11.00/lb.
Chuck roast $10.00/lb.
Round steak $8.50/lb.
Arm roast $9.50/lb.
Swiss steak $9.00/lb.
Beef liver $6.00/lb.
Oxtail $7.00/lb.
Tongue $7.00/lb.
Heart $5.00/lb.
Stew meat $7.50/lb.
Brisket $9.00/lb.
Snack Sticks $14.50/lb.
Soup bones $5.00/lb.
Garlic Summer Sausage $11.00/lb.

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