Prices listed are as of winter 2015/2016 and are subject to change throughout the year if unforeseen fluctuations in feed costs, butchering charges, etc.  You are welcome to modify your order at any time.

Broad-Breasted White $3.95/lb.
Smoked Broad-Breasted White $5.25/lb.
Heritage (Bourbon Red) $9.00/lb.

Ground turkey $11.75/lb.
Turkey Parts: 
    Breasts $7.50/lb.
    Thighs $4.25/lb.
    Legs $4.00/lb.

    Smoked Legs $5.95/lb.
    Wings $3.75/lb.

Whole $4.25/lb.
Cut-up $4.55/lb.
Grilling chicken $4.50/lb.
Half chicken $4.55/lb.
"Bronze Ranger" whole $5.00/lb.
"Bronze Ranger" cut up $5.25/lb.
Smoked whole chicken $6.50/lb.
Smoked half chicken $6.75/lb.
Breasts:  Bone in $9.75/lb., boneless $13.95/lb.
Leg/thigh combination $3.75/lb.
Wings $6.00/lb.
Hearts and livers $4.00/lb.
Bones/backs/cages $1.75/lb.
Feet $7.00/lb. (only available in late fall/winter)

Whole/half hog $3.75/lb. (processed in February; taking orders now)
25-lb. pork box $185.00
(SOLD OUT for season)
Chops (bone in) $10.75/lb.
Butterfly chops $13.00/lb.
Steaks $8.75/lb.
Bacon $10.50/lb.
Side Pork $10.00/lb. (not currently available)
Tenderloin $21.00/lb.
Boneless loin roast $12.00/lb.
Shoulder roast $8.75/lb.
Boston butt roast $9.50/lb.
Spare ribs $4.25/lb.
Baby back ribs $9.50/lb.
Country ribs $9.25/lb.
Brats $7.00/lb.
Cheddar brats $8.25/lb.
Brat patties $7.00/lb.
Maple breakfast sausage links $8.00/lb.
Savory breakfast sausage links $7.75/lb.
Ground pork $4.95/lb.
Italian seasoned ground pork $5.90/lb.
Deli ham $9.75/lb. 
Ham steaks $7.25/lb. (not currently available)
Half ham (7-9#) $6.00/lb. (not currently available)
Lard $3.00/lb.
(quantity discount: $2.50/lb. for orders over 5#; $2.00/lb. for orders over 25#)
Cheeks $18.00/lb.
Fresh hocks $4.25/lb. (available in winter)
Smoked hocks $5.25/lb. (available in winter) 

25-lb. beef box $250.00 
(next available in late summer/early fall; taking orders now!)
1 lb. ground beef $7.75/lb.   
10# ground beef $72.50/ten 1# pkgs.

Ground beef patties $8.75/lb.
Tenderloin $30.00/lb.
NY strip steak $16.75/lb.
Ribeye steak $21.00/lb.
Sirloin steak $14.00/lb.
Sirloin roast $10.75/lb.
Rolled rump roast $11.00/lb.
Chuck roast $10.00/lb.
Round steak $8.50/lb.
Arm roast $9.50/lb.
Swiss steak $9.00/lb.
Beef liver $6.00/lb.
Oxtail $7.00/lb.
Tongue $7.00/lb.
Heart $5.00/lb.
Stew meat $7.50/lb.
Brisket $9.00/lb.
Snack Sticks $14.50/lb.
Soup bones $5.25/lb.
Beef marrow bones for stock $3.25/lb.
Garlic Summer Sausage $11.00/lb.

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